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The National Collaborative for Women’s History Sites (NCWHS) is a non-profit that supports and promotes the preservation and interpretation of sites and locales that bear witness to women’s participation in American life. The Collaborative makes women’s contributions to history visible so that all women’s experiences and potential are fully valued.

View our newly released “National Votes For Women Trail” database! If you would like to add to our growing list of sites, please complete this form.  If you need assistance completing the form, see our tutorial.  We also have a spreadsheet that lists sites by state.


The William G. Pomeroy Foundation

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New Historic Marker Program Celebrates Women’s Suffrage History in United States The centennial of women’s suffrage in the United State is approaching in 2020. With this landmark anniversary, the National…

Trail Highlights

National Votes for Women Trail – GoFundMe

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Votes for Women National Trail In honor of the August 26, 2020 centennial celebration of women’s suffrage in the United States, NCWHS is leading the effort to develop a National…

Partner Profile

National Trust for Historic Preservation

National Trust for Historic Preservation and Collaborative Partnership

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The National Trust for Historic Preservation has entered into a partnership with the National Collaborative for Women’s History Sites to identify, save, and educate the public about American women’s history through women’s sites. Our…

Suffrage Profile

Frances Willard House

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Frances Willard (September 28, 1839 – February 17, 1898) was an American educator, temperance reformer, and women's suffragist. Willard became the national president of Woman's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) in 1879, and remained president until her death in…

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Click here to support "Empowering all women to vote" a campaign to identify sites all over the country that tell the story of suffrage for all women, organized by our friends at The National Votes for Women Trail ( @ncwhs):
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Visit the grave site of your suffragist and share your photos to help bring recognition to the suffragists in your area. To stay connected use the hashtags: #hereliesasuffragist #remembertheladies #rememberthegents #forwardtogether #nwharemembers #2020suffragecentennial

Walk the Lighting the Way trail with experts on November 10, 1-2:30 pm. Free! Download the app anytime to learn about inspiring #HistoricWomenSouthcoast . Meet at the Whaling Museum for this free walking tour in New Bedford. @ncwhs @MassCSW @WomensFundSEMA ncwhs photo

As you prepare to vote in November, take a moment to honor the suffragists that gave you that right.
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