From time to time, the NCWHS compiles bibliographies that we hope will be of use to the staff of sites seeking to interpret women’s history.  Here the NCWHS presents a bibliography of some key books in women’s history as suggested by prominent U.S. women historians, and another bibliography of literature relevant to the interpretation of women’s history at historic sites.  While not meant to be all-inclusive, these lists should serve as good starts for those interested in reading more in these fields.  If you’d like to submit a suggestion for additions, please email us from our Contact page or post a message on our Facebook page.

For the bibliography of general work in the field of women’s history, click here.

For an annotated bibliography of work on the interpretation of women’s history — which aims to gather together some of the most relevant scholarship on the interpretation of women’s history in museums and at historic sites — prepared by graduate students Ariane Davisson at UMass & Jessica French at Middle Tennessee State University (with assistance from the NCWHS board, and additional titles suggested by Cathy Stanton) click here.