Trail Advisory Committee:

National Collaborative of Women’s History Sites

National Votes for Women Trail

Advisory Committee Members:

Cathleen Cahill, Associate Professor, History Department, Pennsylvania State University

Sehila Mota Casper, Field Officer, National Trust for Historic Preservation

Ann Gordon, Research Professor Emerita, History Department, Rutgers University; Editor, Stanton-Anthony Papers

Page Harrington, Consultant, former Executive Director, National Woman’s Party and Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument

Randolph Hollingsworth, Director, Kentucky Women’s Suffrage Project

Robyn Muncy, Professor, History Department, University of Maryland

Judith Wellman, Chair, Professor Emerita, State University of New York at Oswego; Director, Historical New York Research Associates

Lillian Williams, Department of History and African American Studies, University of Buffalo


Ad hoc: Members of National Votes for Women Trail, National Collaborative for Women’s History Sites

Marsha Weinstein

Nancy Brown