NCWHS Updates its Mission, Vision and Values

By February 7, 2022 No Comments

Our Vision
We envision a world in which historic sites are equitable, just, and inclusive of women and gender non-conforming people; that these sites are valued, visited and well-resourced.

Our Values
We know that place makes us who we are and is essential to our understanding of the past and our personal and community identities.

We value intellectual integrity, embracing expansive narratives arrived at through diverse sources (i.e. oral history, material, culture, primary documents).

We value equity and justice for all.

We value learning and continual discovery and conversation.

We value an intersectional approach to honoring the contributions of all women and gender non-conforming people who have contributed to the history of our communities.

We recognize that heterosexism, patriarchy and white supremacy shapes the world. NCWHS is actively anti-heterosexism, anti-patriarchy and anti-racist in our work.

We value the power of collaboration with other organizations to achieve shared goals.

Our Mission
The National Collaborative for Women’s History Sites advocates for historic sites that center the preservation and interpretation of the important role of women and gender non-conforming individuals as core to the American story.