Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month with NCWHS

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Our National Votes for Women Trail currently has a number of sites, buildings, and persons identified as being AAPI and AAPI-related. Be sure to check out the Trail to learn more about these revolutionary people and places. Also, Part 4 video of our Suffrage Lesson Plans features Mabel Ping Hua-Lee and her role in the May 4, 1912, suffrage parades in New York City. 

Hannah Kaaepa; Young Woman’s Journal, May 1899 

In Utah, Hannah Kaaepa has been honored with a Pomeroy marker as a part of the NVWT. Kaaepa lived in Iosepa while advocating for Hawaiian women’s voting rights. Iosepa was a colony of native Hawaiian Mormons located in Tooele County. It is now a ghost town, but the Iosepa Cemetery remains and is the site of an annual gathering hosted by the Iosepa Historical Association, which works to preserve the history and memory of the Iosepa residents.