NVWT Pomeroy Marker Project: Update and Extension

By November 18, 2020 No Comments

The NCWHS and the Pomeroy Foundation is excited to announce an extension of the NVWT Pomeroy marker project to commemorate the women’s suffrage centennial celebrating the Nineteenth Amendment. The Pomeroy Foundation has generously offered to continue funding the NVWT Research Team with a project manager and two researchers. The extension is through February 2021 with a potential additional extension through April 2021.

Given this funding extension and given the continued interest in NVWT Pomeroy Markers, there will be a second application period to submit NVWT Pomeroy Marker nominations. The submission period is now open with a deadline of Friday, January 15, 2021, 11:59PM PT. To be accepted in this second application period, all applications MUST INCLUDE:

A)    a completed nomination form (updated 11/16), including marker text, GPS coordinates for the placement of the marker, and historical significance statement;

B)    digital copies of primary sources, demonstrating every word of marker text and marked (highlighted or otherwise) in the source where the relevant information is (For a guide for what is considered a primary source, please see Pomeroy Foundation Accepted Primary Sources);

C)    signed land use permission letter from the property owner, including any necessary permits or city regulations for installation.

The above forms and additional documents are also available on the NVWT website, via the Pomeroy Marker Toolkit.

The nomination form has been updated to reflect the above requirements and the new deadline. The previous form is still acceptable, as long as all the components are included with the submission. Any questions can be directed to NVWT Project Manager, Denise Ireton, and all nomination packets should be submitted to her at